Did you know you can play games like Chess, Magic: The Gathering and Pokémon at the FFPLTC?

The PL2 provides players a safe, reliable environment to play in by facilitating access to game resources, organized events and consistent rules enforcement. Everyone is welcome, from novice to expert players alike.

How To Join

Interested in becoming a PL2 player? Please review the PL2 Terms and Conditions.

Stop by the FFPLTC during a PL2 Event and sign up for free!

Please note that PL2 Magic: The Gathering players must also register for DCI membership. This is a simple process, and can be completed here. If you have any questions, head over to the Library during Magic Fridays, and we'll be happy to walk you through it!

Participation Rewards

PL2 membership has its perks!

Players currently receive rewards generously donated by the FFPLTC just by playing in PL2 Events.

For PL2 Magic: The Gathering players, rewards will increase based on performance during events. There will also be rewards awarded periodically based on PL2 Standings for Magic: The Gathering at regular intervals.

Any input regarding the direction of the PL2 is welcomed.

Players are encouraged to play games at any time while at the library, provided they do so in a respectful manner. Please ask at the circulation desk where to setup, as available locations within the library may change without notice.

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Upcoming Events

  • Nov 20

    Pokémon League

    Tuesday @ -
  • Nov 21

    Card Games for Beginners

    Wednesday @ -
  • Nov 23

    Magic Fridays

    Friday @ -
  • Nov 27

    Pokémon League

    Tuesday @ -
  • Nov 28

    Squires and Young Dragons: D&D for Beginners

    Wednesday @ -
  • Nov 30

    Magic Fridays

    Friday @ -
  • Dec 05

    Squires and Young Dragons: D&D for Beginners

    Wednesday @ -

Recent Tournament Reports

Hour of Devastation Game Day

17 local players took to the FFPLTC this past Saturday with the hopes of becoming the next Game Day Champion. The morning started with cookies... What was the secret ingredient? Winning!

Kaladesh Game Day

Written by Jared Meeks

My road to another Top 8 finish did not come easily for Kaladesh. I haven’t missed a PL2 Game Day Top 8 yet, and was determined to keep it that way.

Eldritch Moon Game Day

By Jared Meeks

Eldritch Moon was the fourth Game Day that I've been able to attend. I consider myself a good player, but not as polished as many in our club. I make mistakes and end up learning the hard way: making Top 8 only to be short-lived and knocked out in the first round.

I recently took a break from Standard to dive into Modern, but always enjoyed playing Game Day.