Having trouble with your tech? Book an hour long, one-on-one live session with our Summer Tech Student!

  • Supportive, personalized customer service

  • Continued support if tech issues are not initially resolved

  • Topics include help with emails, social media, websites, programs, and other computer or mobile device features.


What to expect

Bring a mask, your personal device/devices, and any questions you may like answered. Our tech student will greet you and bring you to a quiet area to discuss your technology inquiries. You can leave early if questions are resolved, or book a follow-up appointment if you need more time. If you have specific problems, contact our tech student with details in advance.

Interested? Register here or call the library to schedule an appointment. Appointments will take place between Monday to Thursday anytime between 11am and 4pm.

To contact our summer tech student, call the library at (807)274-9879 and ask for Kaylen or email kcunninghamtech@gmail.com