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Want free music? Sign in with your library card and download three free songs a week! Freegal is always updating their library so you can choose from today's greatest hits! Search by song title, artist or album. Say goodbye to poor quality downloads, viruses, or the need to install any other software.

Freegal gives you free music, the legal way.

eResource Features
  • Free and legal - access via library card
  • Can search by song title, album or artist
  • 3 free downloads a week every week (video is worth 2 downloads as it is "premium content")
  • Alerts via email to remind you of free downloads
  • No viruses, no need to install other software/browsers in order to use the service
  • The ability to back up their music in itunes
  • The users ability to delete songs from their app (if downloaded to their phone) to save memory on their phones (no double copy - one in itunes, one in freegal)
  • App compatibility on various operating systems and browsers