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Mission Statement

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    The FFPLTC's Mission Statement articulates the FFPL Board’s and the FFPLTC Staff’s shared understanding of the purpose of the FFPLTC and whom it serves. It inspires those who work on behalf of the FFPLTC and provides a compass for action.

    This policy ensures that the Mission Statement remains relevant and central to the FFPLTC’s operations.

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    Purpose of the Mission Statement

    1. The Mission Statement is used as a decision-making framework for the FFPL Board and FFPLTC Staff. All strategic decisions of the FFPLTC need to support the mission.
    2. The Mission Statement is developed, reviewed and / or revised by the FFPL Board as part of the planning cycle.
    3. The FFPLTC’s Mission Statement must:
      1. be short, clear, and concise
      2. be relevant to the direction of the FFPLTC
      3. be easily understood by people both inside and outside of the FFPLTC
      4. guide the actions of the FFPL Board and FFPLTC Staff
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    The FFPLTC’s Mission Statement

    To provide evolving and superior library services in a safe and welcoming space for all.

    March 2018

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