Statement of Values

Statement of Values

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    The Statement of Values articulates the FFPL Board’s and FFPLTC Staff’s shared beliefs about important principles and norms by which the FFPLTC operates and delivers service.

    This policy ensures that the FFPL Board articulates and reviews its values.

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    About the Statement of Values

    1. The Statement of Values is integrated into the decision making of the FFPL Board and the delivery of day-to-day operations and services by the FFPLTC Staff.
    2. The Statement of Values is developed, reviewed and revised by the FFPL Board as part of the planning cycle.
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    The FFPLTC's Statement of Values

    1. Accessibility

      • Barrier-free
      • Open access
    2. Customer Service Excellence

      • Informed staff
      • Knowledgeable staff
    3. Continuous Learning

      • Pursuit of knowledge
    4. Responsiveness

      • Community driven
      • Adaptable
    5. Accountability

      • Responsible
      • Transparent
      • Credible
      • Trustworthy
      • Ethical
    6. Inclusivity

      • Celebrate diversity
      • Open and accessible to all
    7. Innovation

      • Explore opportunities
      • Inspire creativity
      • Spark discovery
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