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Board Orientation

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    The orientation of new members is necessary in order for there to be a common and shared understanding of the authority and role of the FFPL Board. This policy sets out the requirements for FFPL Board orientation.

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    1. FFPL Board members shall be given a thorough orientation within two months of their appointment to the FFPL Board.
    2. The CEO and the FFPL Board Chair shall be responsible for developing an agenda to provide an orientation which shall include, but not be limited to:
      1. information on the FFPLTC’s vision, mission and values
      2. an overview of the Public Libraries Act
      3. an overview of the FFPL Board by-laws and governance policies
      4. a discussion on the role, structure, code of conduct and function of the FFPL Board
      5. a tour of the FFPLTC and an introduction to staff members and services
      6. AODA Customer Service Training
    3. Each FFPL Board member will be provided with a list of resources.
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