Committees of the Board

Committees of the Board

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    The FFPL Board may set up ad hoc committees to further the work of the FFPL Board. This policy ensures that the FFPL Board establishes terms of reference and specific duties for each of these committees, as the need arises.

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    Ad Hoc Committees

    1. Committees report directly to the FFPL Board and have no authority other than to draft recommendations or prepare alternatives for the FFPL Board’s consideration.
    2. Committees are established by motion of the FFPL Board for defined periods of time and with a specific purpose.
    3. Meetings of committees may be called by the Chair of the committee or by a majority of the members of a committee.
    4. Committees shall not supervise or direct FFPLTC Staff.
    5. Ad hoc committees coordinate the work, do the research and draft the documents to be reviewed and adopted by the FFPL Board as a whole.
    6. An ad hoc committee that is established by the FFPL Board may include members that are not members of the FFPL Board.
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