Delegation of Authority to the CEO

Delegation of Authority to the CEO

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    This policy outlines the nature of the FFPL Board’s relationship with the CEO.

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    In accordance with the Public Libraries Act s. 15(2), the FFPL Board appoints a CEO who shall have general supervision over, and direction of, the operations of the FFPLTC and its staff.

    1. The CEO is the FFPL Board’s only link to the operation of the FFPLTC. As such:
      1. the FFPL Board directs the CEO through:
        1. decisions made at FFPL Board meetings, by majority vote
        2. approved written policies
        3. approved budgets and plans
        4. the CEO job description
      2. decisions or instructions of individual FFPL Board members are not binding on the CEO
    2. The CEO will:
      1. take, or approve lawful actions in the name of the FFPLTC
      2. take actions consistent with the FFPL Board’s mission, vision, values and policies
      3. be responsible for the employment, management and performance evaluation of all staff employed by, or on contract with, the FFPLTC
      4. design, implement and manage all operational practices and activities
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