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    In order to fulfill its mandate under the Public Libraries Act s20(a), "A board shall seek to provide, in co-operation with other boards, a comprehensive and efficient public library service that reflects the community's unique needs", the FFPL Board shall make certain that an effective planning process is in place for the FFPLTC.

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    The planning process will help to ensure that:

    1. FFPLTC funds are spent in a deliberate and responsible manner
    2. The library needs of the community are met
    3. The FFPLTC is able to respond to changing needs and trends in the community
    4. Community input is received during the planning process
    5. Key decision makers in the community make a long-term commitment to FFPLTC services
    6. There is a continuity of services regardless of personnel changes in the FFPL Board or FFPLTC Staff
    7. Services available elsewhere in the community are not unnecessarily duplicated
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    The FFPL Board shall regularly review and assess:

    1. client needs in the community served by the FFPL Board
    2. the services of the FFPLTC in the light of assessed client needs
    3. current FFPL Board policy in relation to the FFPLTC's mission statement, goals and objectives
    4. current FFPL Board planning documents, including the Strategic Plan
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