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Human Resources Management

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    In accordance with the Public Libraries Act s. 15(1):

    A board may appoint and remove such employees as it considers necessary, determine the terms of their employment, fix their remuneration and prescribe their duties.

    The FFPL Board, as employer of all FFPLTC Staff, seeks to create and maintain a work environment that is conducive to attaining its vision and mission.

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    1. Appropriate staffing is in place to provide services to the community.

      This means that there is a sufficient number of staff who receive ongoing training and skill updating, and that there is always someone who can step in to run the FFPLTC on an emergency basis in the absence of the CEO.

      See Staffing Categories.

    2. FFPLTC Staff members are treated fairly and professionally.

      This means that there exists human resources policies and procedures that at a minimum respect and adhere to provincial legislation related to employment and where possible go beyond minimum standards.

      These policies are applied consistently to all FFPLTC Staff. FFPLTC Staff are aware of these policies and procedures, and have a vehicle for expressing an ethical dissent or reporting that human resources policies have not been adhered to.

      Accessible formats and communication supports will be made available to staff members upon request.

    3. FFPLTC Staff members receive fair compensation.

      This means that rates of pay and benefits do not deviate materially from the geographic and professional market for the skills employed, and that compensation adheres to the principles of pay and internal equity.

    4. FFPLTC Staff members’ personal information is kept confidential.

      Personnel records may be accessed only by the CEO, or HR professional who must protect the privacy of FFPLTC Staff.

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    1. The FFPL Board is the employer of all FFPLTC Staff, and ultimately, responsible for all human resources decisions.

      1. The FFPL Board develops and approves all policies that are in support of its vision for human resources management including any clauses or practices originating from the municipality.
      2. The FFPL Board, as a collective whole, directly manages one FFPLTC Staff member, the CEO.
      3. The municipality may assist with payroll processing and provide support and guidance in a number of human resources areas, such as recruitment.
      4. The FFPL Board may establish a committee to undertake human resources work on behalf of the FFPL Board as a whole, in which case terms of reference for the committee will be established.
    2. The CEO is responsible for human resources management within the FFPLTC.

      1. The CEO develops human resources policies that support the FFPL Board’s vision, for FFPL Board approval.
      2. The CEO keeps abreast of legislative and social changes which may have an impact on the FFPL Board’s human resources policies and procedures.
      3. The CEO manages all FFPLTC Staff.
      4. The CEO regularly assesses the number of staff required to meet community needs.
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    Staff Records

    The FFPLTC maintains current, confidential information for each FFPLTC Staff member to meet statutory requirements such as income tax, Canada Pension, and employment insurance benefits.

    Information is kept to provide documentation to substantiate decisions on hiring, promotion, compensation, benefits, disciplinary action, and termination.

    A record of emergency contact information for each FFPLTC Staff member is also maintained.

    1. FFPLTC Staff records are kept in a locked filing cabinet in a secure location at the FFPLTC. The HR Manager of the Town of Fort Frances shall have personnel files as appropriate. All electronic records are password protected.
    2. FFPLTC Staff members have the right to access to their records.
    3. Where a FFPL Board member seeks access to personal information of an employee the FFPL Board member may only obtain the personal information:
      1. with consent of the individual
      2. in compelling circumstances affecting the health or safety of an individual
      3. in compassionate circumstances, to facilitate contact with the next of kin or a friend of an individual who is injured, ill, or deceased
    4. Employees are not permitted to physically remove or add anything to the content of the file.
    5. Each record contains basic administrative information, including:

      1. emergency contact numbers
      2. benefits
      3. salary and tax-related information
      4. employment contract
      5. performance appraisals
      6. professional development information
    6. FFPLTC staff should advise the employer promptly of any change to their information retained in their record.
    7. FFPLTC staff records shall be retained for the period of time outlined by the Retention and Disposal Schedule, after which they shall be destroyed in a secure manner.
    8. Any breach of privacy should be reported immediately to the CEO.
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    Staff Communications

    Well informed FFPLTC Staff contribute to stronger organizational decision making and better represent the FFPLTC to the public.

    1. Reports, long term plans and operational information are circulated to FFPLTC Staff.
    2. The CEO meets regularly with FFPLTC Staff to facilitate strong FFPLTC Staff participation in the workplace.
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