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Use of Technology

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    The FFPL Board recognizes the importance of computers, the internet and social media as work tools and sources of information. The FFPLTC supports the use of computers and internet technology by FFPLTC Staff in their work, while recognizing the need to protect its network, systems, resources and image.

    This policy covers FFPLTC Staff use of FFPLTC computers, devices, e-mail systems and networks.

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    Personal Use

    1. While working in the FFPLTC, FFPLTC Staff must refrain from online activities that don’t bring value to the FFPLTC or which waste FFPLTC Staff time or network resources.

      FFPLTC Staff may make reasonable personal use of FFPLTC computer equipment, access to the internet and e-mail on their own time, provided it does not adversely affect their work or the work of others, and has minimal effect on the FFPLTC’s resources.

    2. Computer resources cannot be used for private financial gain or commercial purposes.
    3. When engaging in social media or online forums outside of work, FFPLTC Staff should make it clear that the views they express about the FFPLTC, or community related issues, are their own and do not necessarily reflect the views of the FFPLTC.
    4. Personal use of social media should be respectful of the FFPLTC, colleagues and FFPLTC clients.

      While online activity can be a medium of self-expression, it may be very public and reflect on both the individual and the FFPLTC.

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    Business Use

    1. FFPLTC Staff are encouraged to avail themselves of the internet, including using social media tools for the benefit the FFPLTC. This may include general research on work related issues, following social media as part of ongoing professional development, FFPLTC Staff or user training, and participating in online forums.
    2. Any correspondence sent from a FFPLTC email address, or when a FFPLTC Staff member is identified as an employee of the FFPLTC, should be treated as a professional document.
    3. FFPLTC Staff must observe the FFPLTC’s standard of confidentiality (e.g. privacy legislation) when communicating electronically.
    4. All FFPLTC Staff have an obligation to protect systems and data.

      Passwords and access codes must not be disclosed to unauthorized FFPLTC Staff or the public.

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    Prohibited Use

    The FFPLTC’s computers, network and access to the internet are not to be used to:

    1. introduce any form of malicious software into the network
    2. visit internet sites that may be offensive; including, but not limited to obscene, hateful, pornographic or illegal material
    3. perpetrate any form of fraud, including software, film or music piracy
    4. hack into unauthorized areas
    5. send offensive or harassing material to other users
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    The Library and Social Media

    1. Any proposal by FFPLTC Staff to use social media applications to expand FFPLTC service or promote the FFPLTC requires the approval of the CEO.
    2. FFPLTC Staff representing the FFPLTC on social media sites express the official position of the FFPLTC on any issue. Posts must be professional and accurate.
    3. The FFPLTC welcomes the opportunity to have open and respectful conversation with the public via Social Media software, tools and sites. The following is a list of examples that may be prohibited and is not an exhaustive list:
      1. Obscene or racist content
      2. Personal attacks, insults, or threatening language
      3. Potentially libelous statements
      4. Plagiarized material
      5. Private, personal information published without consent
      6. Comments totally unrelated to the content of the forum
      7. Hyperlinks to material that is not directly related to the discussion
      8. Commercial promotions or spam
    4. All FFPLTC Social Media sites will be monitored by FFPLTC Staff on a regular basis.

      Any content found to be in violation will be reviewed, possibly removed, and the individual responsible for its posting may be banned from further posts on FFPLTC Social Media accounts.

      In addition, the FFPLTC reserves the right to edit or modify responses and content with respect to postings and requests.

    5. Parents, guardians and caregivers must assume responsibility for minors and are encouraged to discuss privacy concerns, safety and respectful use of these resources with their children.

      Users should also be cognizant of the fact that they are posting content in a public forum and take appropriate measures.

    6. The FFPLTC cannot guarantee the accuracy of information posted by individuals and links to external content and sites.
    7. By posting content, the user agrees to these terms and to indemnify the FFPLTC and its officers and employees from and against all liabilities, judgments, damages and costs (including attorney's fees) incurred by any of them which arise out of or are related to the posted content.
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    1. FFPLTC Staff will be accountable to the CEO for their use of the FFPLTC’s computer network and internet access.
    2. The CEO or Designate will investigate any suspected misuse of resources.
    3. If there is a need to monitor or access non-work related files, the FFPLTC Staff member will normally be asked for his or her consent. There may be exceptions such as when there is reason to believe the law has been broken.
    4. The CEO will decide, in light of the outcome of an investigation of possible misuse of computing resources, if disciplinary action is appropriate, and act in accordance with established disciplinary procedures.
    5. Downloading software or attachments onto a work computer increases the risk of a virus propagating throughout the network.

      FFPLTC Staff should download any files and software in a responsible manner and in accordance with Library policy and procedures.

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