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Information Services

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    1. All patrons seeking assistance will be treated equally, with respect and courtesy. Efforts will be made to provide information in an accessible manner as requested.
    2. All FFPLTC Staff, excluding students, are able to provide reference and information services
    3. Patron confidentiality will be respected at all times.
    4. Patrons initiating enquiries by telephone will receive full FFPLTC Staff attention.

      If a FFPLTC Staff member is unable to deal with the telephone request immediately, arrangements will be made to return the call within an agreed upon time period or place the person on hold, whichever the caller prefers.

    5. Requests received by mail, e-mail, fax and other electronic means, will be answered in a timely manner.
    6. FFPLTC Staff will guide and assist patrons requiring in-depth searches, simultaneously providing instruction in using FFPLTC resources to the best advantage, as time permits.
    7. FFPLTC Staff members may be asked to provide information from medical, legal, census or tax sources. FFPLTC Staff will do so readily without prejudice, but will not offer any interpretation of the information.
    8. Records of the specific content of reference transactions are not kept, an exception would be emailed reference transactions that haven't been deleted.
    9. Statistics regarding reference service to patrons will be tabulated annually during the Typical Week Survey, using the forms provided by the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport for that purpose.
    10. The CEO is responsible for collecting and maintaining reference material in a manner appropriate to the needs of the community.
    11. Should a Staff member be unable to answer an information request; the request shall be forwarded to the CEO.
    12. Staff will direct patrons to other organizations as appropriate.
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    1. In order to facilitate sharing of community information, the FFPLTC will provide a bulletin board.

      All postings must be approved by FFPLTC Staff.

      All postings that do not include a date will be stamped by FFPLTC staff.

    2. Notices of community events will be posted with contents limited to non-profit and non-personal purposes, including events where proceeds support cultural, educational or other non-profit organizations.
    3. Information promoting new small businesses in the community will be posted for up to 2 months.
    4. Postings will be removed by FFPLTC Staff immediately after the event has passed, or for postings without an event, after 2 months.

    5. Postings are limited to the space provided on the bulletin board and not attached to the wall beside, below, or above.
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    Readers’ Advisory

    The FFPL Board recognizes that readers’ advisory is a fundamental library service. It is an unbiased direct or indirect consultation between FFPLTC Staff and a reader resulting in literary suggestions.

    1. All FFPLTC Staff, excluding students, shall be able to offer readers’ advisory services to any patron, including children, young adults, and newcomers.
    2. FFPLTC Staff shall be proactive in offering the service and initiate readers’ advisory conversations.
    3. Staff shall consider a reader’s interests and abilities when offering readers’ advisory.
    4. Readers’ advisory aids will be placed throughout the collection (e.g. displays, shelf talkers, etc.).
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