Visit the Northern THINK Hub where you can Tinker, Hack, Innovate, Network and Know!
Bring your inspiration and innovation, embrace failure and challenge yourself to try something
different! Experiment with physical phenomena, engineering challenges and tinkering. Delve
into processes that mirror the scientific method, design thinking, and creative approaches to
problem-solving. Learn, design, create and experiment with various science, engineering and
technology concepts.

Activities are designed to allow participants to create products they are proud of and that have
personal relevance. The design of the experience encourages the natural development of a
community of learners within family social groups and across social groups. Push yourself while
learning new skills and concepts and developing positive attitudes for problem-solving
engineering. Each activity is designed to encourage learning and share knowledge, all while
working together to solve problems.

Challenges require building, making, testing and problem-solving, and provide an opportunity
for creativity and out-of-the-box thinking. At the THINK Hub, you are in charge of your own
experience! Take a shallow jump or a deep dive into the experiences as you wish. When
available, staff at facilities will be present to facilitate according to individual needs and will
guide them through with positive reinforcement.


  • A Science North Experience. Funded by FodNor Canada, nohfc - An Agency of the Government of Ontario