IanJArvislightinthesky     Light in the Sky begins as a story about Jennifer, an ordinary woman living an ordinary, if not mundane, life. Everything changes when she runs away from her cheating partner, and is involved in a serious accident, losing her memory in the process.

     Waking from the accident, she has no knowledge of her past, and becomes Rose, the complete opposite of Jennifer.

     Rose encounters a group of highly motivated and well financed smugglers, who smuggle people, drugs and weapons into the country in small boats, and processes them in a network of tunnels along the coast.

     Rose joins a team of government agents in the fight against the smugglers, and the misery they bring into peoples lives. Rose finds she enjoys the fights, that she constantly finds herself in, and the pain she easily delivers, only to befall a series of events, that change her life forever.

     One night while tracking the smugglers, an agent is murdered in one of the most brutal ways imaginable, just a short distance away from Rose, who stands to witness the gruesome event, unable to help or prevent.

     The death affects Rose, who takes stock of her life and decides to carry on with the fight against the smugglers. Now it's personal and revenge becomes her motivator, fueling her every move, pushing her to the extreme, enjoying every kill in the process, until she completes her mission and serves her kind of justice.

     She is unaware she is being watched every step of the way, as there is a traitor in her midst and Rose is oblivious until the end. When she does realise she has been betrayed, it is too late, as a bullet spells the end.