Handling of Returned Materials during a Public Health Emergency

Handling of Returned Materials during a Public Health Emergency

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    The purpose of this policy is to define the role that the Library Board, the CEO and Library Staff each play in protecting the health of the workplace and to prevent the spread of infection. This policy outlines the safety measures and procedures for the safe return of books, DVDs and other lending items to the Fort Frances Public Library Technology Centre to reduce the exposure to infectious diseases during a public health emergency. This policy will be reviewed during the outbreak and will be revised accordingly as new science emerges and new protocols are established by health and government agencies.

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    Library Board

    The Fort Frances Public Library Board, shall ensure every precaution to protect the safety of the staff of the Fort Frances Public Library Technology Centre by adhering to guidelines including the correct usage of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) issued by the following:

    Public Health Ontario, Occupational Health and Safety Act (OH&S), and Town of Fort Frances Health and Safety Infection Control policy

    The CEO

    1. Will determine the safety of receiving library materials at any time during the pandemic and shall suspend the return of library materials if warranted to reduce the risk of exposure.
    2. Will devise a safe method of receiving library items.
    3. Will inform Library staff of the risks associated with the transmission of viruses, the health effects and the procedures to follow to reduce or eliminate the risk.
    4. Will train Library staff in the correct handling of returned library materials and will provide instruction in the correct usage of PPE.
    5. Will ensure that adequate PPE is available and to monitor that procedures are adhered to by all Library staff.
    6. Will ensure that Library staff are familiar with the procedures and safe use of disinfectants and other chemicals used in the workplace to prevent and/or control infections.
    7. Will keep up to date with new procedures and guidelines developed by the various library and health agencies and all levels of government to ensure that procedures are updated on a regular basis.
    8. Will ensure janitors are using appropriate cleaning supplies and materials to prevent and/or control infections

    Library Staff

    1. Will follow the procedure(s) defined by the CEO.
    2. Will wear the required personal protective equipment determined to be appropriate
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