• Interested in finding out what sites to use to enhance your communication with family and friends?

    Want to become more familiar and comfortable with the use of Microsoft programs – Word, Excel, Publisher, Powerpoint?

    The use of the computer is great for a social outlet and to improve business skills - creating documents such as memos, presentations for meetings, information pamphlets for workshops, etc.

    The Community Access Program provides opportunities for the public to have access to computers and training. The use of computers and technology is always increasing, therefore the staff at the FFPLTC have become very familiar with many computer programs and new technologies. Now, with the Community Access Program, it is our job to ensure that the public becomes more aware as well and is provided with the time and access to learn.

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    What is CAP?

    CAP (Community Access Program) is a federal government program to provide Canadians with affordable public access to the Internet and the skills to use it. It piloted in 1994, and was officially launched in 1995. The community access program provides funds to CAP sites to purchase equipment such as computers and other electronic technology to ensure that people have free (at many CAP sites) internet access. Approximately 4,000 CAP sites provide Internet access in libraries, community and educational centres, Aboriginal organizations and other public access sites.

    Industry Canada also introduced what is known as CAP-YI, which is the CAP- Youth Initiative. Youth ages 15-30 are hired as interns to provide computer and internet training at the CAP sites throughout Canada. They also work on developing promotional material, and providing technical support for the CAP site.

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    Where did CAP come from?

    Starting in 1994, Industry Canada started a program called the Community Access Program (CAP) in an effort to make Canada the leader in the global "Internet race." Initially, Industry Canada focused on rural communities, where Internet access was less available. Libraries, municipal offices and schools could apply for funding to purchase computers and computer equipment for their places of business to set up CAP Centres. Once the rural communities were equipped with computers and Internet access, Industry Canada focused on what is referred to as the "Digital Divide." This divide consists of people who may have difficulty obtaining Internet access, such as First Nations people, seniors, new immigrants, etc. CAP Centres in urban areas were then opened to help reach these people.

    To find out more you can go to the CAP website at capstats.ocl.net

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    About your local CAP site

    The Fort Frances CAP site is located in the FFPLTC. We can be reached at (807) 274 9879, or by email at ffpltc@gmail.com. The Library Hours can be viewed from the our website's main page.

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    Printing & Faxing

    Printing is available for a minimum cost.

    Faxing is also available.

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    Rules and Policies of the CAP site

    • When using the internet please follow the acceptable use policy available for view at the front desk at the library
    • Please be respectful of others while in the library and take all phone calls outside
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    The Government of Canada provides funding for this initiative.

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