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    The FFPL Board endorses the OLA’s Statements on Children’s Rights in the Public Library and Teen’s Rights.

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    The FFPLTC provides a wide range of material in all formats to fulfill the informational, cultural, learning and leisure needs of children and teens by:

    1. Ensuring a material selection policy that reflects the characteristics inherent to the Children's and Teen Collections
    2. Evaluating the Children's and Teen Collections on an ongoing basis
    3. Ensuring that the Children's and Teen Collections are organized for easy access, with the capabilities of children and teens in mind, and are accessible to all
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    The FFPLTC provides programs for children and youth, both in and out of the FFPLTC, to stimulate the imagination and desire to learn, and to promote the use of the collection by:

    1. providing a variety of programs furthering the informational, cultural, learning and leisure interests of all ages
    2. co-operating with community agencies and schools in providing programs
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    Parents' Responsibilities

    The FFPLTC encourages and promotes children's use of the FFPLTC, aiming to make the FFPLTC welcoming, educational, fun and safe for children of all ages.

    It is, however, the responsibility of the parent or caregiver to monitor the whereabouts and behavior of their children.

    The FFPLTC expects parents to:

    1. Monitor the use of services and collections by their children
    2. Be responsible for borrowed materials and fines incurred by their children
    3. Not leave unattended children requiring supervision, in or about FFPLTC premises
    4. Be aware that not all FFPLTC computers have internet filters and that FFPLTC Staff do not continually monitor computer use
    5. Ensure any child or teen who does not require supervision and is alone in or about the FFPLTC premises knows how to contact a parent or caregiver
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    Unattended Children

    In accordance with the Child and Family Services Act, children requiring supervision must remain in the company of a parent or responsible caregiver while in the FFPLTC.

    When an unattended child is found in the FFPLTC, and if the parent or caregiver cannot be located or contacted, FFPLTC Staff may contact Family and Children's Services and / or the Ontario Provincial Police.

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    Public Library School Liaison

    1. Co-operation and communication between the FFPLTC Staff and school staff is important, in order to ensure that the best interests of children are served.

      The FFPLTC will endeavour to provide curriculum-related support material to enhance the collection of school libraries and to ensure that the information needs of students are met. However, the FFPLTC will not purchase multiple copies of print books for the specific purpose of curriculum support.

    2. Block loans of fiction and non-fiction may be provided to schools.

      Limits will be placed, depending on size of the collection and demand from the public or other teachers.

    3. An open invitation is extended to all school classes to visit the FFPLTC to acquaint students and teachers with the resources and services of the FFPLTC.
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    Access to the Adult Collection

    1. Younger patrons shall have unencumbered access to the adult collection, with the exception of the DVD collection, with the onus of any restrictions being on the patron’s parents or guardians.
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