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    The FFPLTC provides computers for use by the public, offering access to a variety of electronic resources, the Internet, e-mail, and software for informational, educational and recreational purposes.

    The FFPLTC provides space for patrons to use their own personal electronic devices as well as Wi-Fi for that same purpose.

    The use of FFPLTC computers is a privilege. Inappropriate use will result in suspension of all FFPLTC privileges.

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    Computer Use

    1. Users must act with respect and consideration for one another and FFPLTC Staff.

      All users are required to respect the privacy of others.

    2. Users must obey the laws of Canada when using FFPLTC computers.

      Use of computers for illegal, actionable or criminal purposes or to seek access to unauthorized areas is prohibited.

      Infringement of copyright and other intellectual property rights is prohibited.

    3. Users are expected to treat FFPLTC computers and equipment with respect, and take care to ensure that all persons enjoy equitable access.

      Users are not permitted to alter, tamper with, or damage computer equipment or software configuration. This includes, but is not limited to:

      1. attempting unauthorized entry to the FFPLTC’s network or external networks
      2. intentional propagation of computer viruses
      3. violation of vendor software license agreements
    4. The FFPLTC is not responsible for any loss of data or financial transactions.

      The FFPLTC also accepts no responsibility for any costs, liabilities or damages caused by any user.

    5. Parents and caregivers should be aware of the following guidelines for the maximum amount of screen time recommended for children:

      1. Children 0-2 years of age should not have any screen time
      2. Children 2-5 years of age should have less than 1 hour per day of screen time
      3. Children 5 years of age or older should not exceed 2 hours per day of screen time
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    Internet Use

    1. Users should be mindful of the fact that they are using the Internet in a public space, and that some content could be offensive to other FFPLTC patrons or FFPLTC Staff.
    2. All users of the FFPLTC are responsible for the legality of any sites accessed. Users are subject to federal, provincial and municipal legislation regarding internet use, including provisions of the Criminal Code regarding obscenity, child pornography, sedition and the incitement of hate.

      The use of internet services for illegal purposes is prohibited.

      The FFPLTC reserves the right to monitor all traffic on FFPLTC devices.

    3. Users are responsible for determining the reliability and accuracy of sites accessed and any information found on the Internet.
    4. Certain copying or distribution of material found on the Internet may infringe on copyright or other intellectual property rights. The FFPLTC is not responsible for such infringements.
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    1. Access

      Users are required to read and agree to the Computer and Internet Use policy.

      The FFPLTC does not act in place of a parent or guardian and is not responsible for enforcing a parent or guardian’s rules of use.

    2. Staff Assistance

      FFPLTC Staff will assist on requests as time allows.

      FFPLTC Staff may not be familiar with all applications.

    3. Time Limits

      Booking of a computer session is for 1 hour. However, this time may be extended if there are no further bookings.

      For research projects requiring extended time, please inform FFPLTC Staff of your requirements and every effort will be made to accommodate your request.

    4. Printing

      A printer is available for use at a nominal fee, determined annually by the FFPL Board. See Fees and Fines.

    5. Filtering

      The FFPLTC uses network filters in order to prohibit access to sites deemed unsuitable for a public space (e.g. gambling, pornography).

      Automated Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) is performed on both HTTP and HTTPS traffic for this purpose. DPI first decrypts, then re-encrypts traffic while categorizing it as either blocked or allowed. No decrypted information is stored by the FFPLTC.

      Be aware that filters may still allow objectionable material to be seen. Filters are not intended to replace parental guidance, training, or the exercise of critical judgement.

    6. Wireless Service

      Wireless access is available throughout the FFPLTC.

      Devices are available for checkout at the Circulation Desk for use within the FFPLTC.

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  • Fees and Fines

    Prices are subject to change without notice

    Membership - 12 Months$93.00Family - 6 Months$54.00Family - 1 Month$17.00Family - 12 Months$64.00Individual - 12 Months$54.00Senior (55+)
    Late Material$0.25Day$1.00Day Game$3.50Day
    Interlibrary Loan$1.00Day
    Damaged Material
    Library Card$2.00Item
    DVD Case$5.00Item
    MakerSpace Material
    2.25" Pinback Button$2.00Button
    2.25" Magnet$3.00Button
    1.25" Pinback Button$1.50Button
    1.25" Magnet$2.00Button
    3D Printing$3.50Hour
    3D Quick Prints$2.00Item
    Vinyl Cutting$3.00Foot
    Used Books
    Trade Paperback$2.00Item
    DVD / CD / Video Game$3.00Item
    Other Items For Sale
    Friends of the Library - Chocolates$3.00Item
    Laminating - 8.5" x 11"$2.50Item
    Laminating - Index Card$2.00Item
    Envelope -8.5" x 11"$2.00Item
    Envelope - 3.875" x 8.875"$0.75Item
    File Folder - 8.5" x 11"$2.00Item
    Page Protector - 8.5" x 11"$2.00Item
    Town of Fort Frances Garbage Bag tags$2.25Tag
    Printing and White$0.25Page Sided Black and White$0.40Page - Letter$1.00Page - Legal$1.25Page - Ledger$1.50Page
    Fax Sending - First Page$5.00Page - Additional Page$1.00Page
    Overseas - First Page$8.00Page
    Overseas - Additional Page$1.00Page
    Fax Receiving Page$1.00Page Page$0.25Page
    Shaw Community Hub Rental$40.00 + HSTHour
    $100.00+HSTHalf-Day (up to 4 hours)
    $140.00+HSTFull-Day (5+ hours) Hours$40.00Hour Cancellation (within 24 hours)50%Event$45.00Event
    Other Rentals
    Santa Suit$30.00Day
    Children's Birthday Book$25.00Item
    Adult/YA Birthday Book$30.00Item
    Large Print Birthday Book$40.00Item