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    1. When a FFPLTC member requires material which is not included in the FFPLTC's collection, we will make every effort to secure the requested material from another library.
    2. Accurate records shall be kept by the FFPLTC Staff of:
      1. requests for materials made to other libraries
      2. materials which have been received from other libraries
      3. the date on which such materials are due back at the holding library
      4. the date on which materials are returned to their holding library
    3. The borrowing period for Interlibrary Loan materials will be determined by the holding library.
    4. All Interlibrary Loan materials must be returned to the FFPLTC and must not be returned directly to the holding library by the borrower.
    5. Interlibrary Loan materials will be subject to the same rules as regular FFPLTC materials in regard to lost or damaged materials.

      Money collected in compensation for lost or damaged Interlibrary Loan materials shall be forwarded to the holding library.

    6. Fines for overdue Interlibrary Loans will be applied as per Fees and Fines.
    7. In the case where a holding library requires a fee for the loan of its material, the requesting FFPLTC member will be expected to cover this cost and will be informed of the possibility of a fee before the FFPLTC proceeds with the loan request.
    8. Any member who shows repeated disregard for the rules concerning the borrowing of Interlibrary Loan materials will be denied this privilege.
    9. Where accessible materials are not available within the FFPLTC’s own collection efforts will be made to borrow materials in an accessible format upon patron request.
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    1. The FPPLTC will loan materials to other libraries through Information Network for Ontario (INFO).
    2. The following items are not available for Interlibrary Loan:

      1. Books which are in demand by FFPLTC members
      2. Books with a copyright date of the current and preceding year
      3. Books considered to be rare or of a historical nature
      4. Reference books
      5. Seasonal books
    3. Items received from the FFPLTC will be due back 3 weeks from the date the borrowing library receives the item.
    4. Items may be renewed for one additional period of 3 weeks.
    5. Lost or damaged items will be subject to replacement fee of the retail price of the item, including applicable taxes.
    6. Books will be returned in the original shipping package via Canada Post.
    7. Materials shall not be loaned outside of INFO
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  • Fees and Fines

    Prices are subject to change without notice

    ID Product Fee Per
    Membership Non-Resident - 12 Months $85.00 Family Non-Resident - 6 Months $50.00 Family Non-Resident - 1 Month $10.00 Family Non-Resident - 12 Months $60.00 Individual Non-Resident - 12 Months $50.00 Senior (55+)
    Late Material Generic $0.25 Day Video $1.00 Day Video Game $3.50 Day
    Interlibrary Loan $0.50 Day
    Damaged Material
    Library Card $2.00 Item
    DVD Case $5.00 Item
    MakerSpace Material
    2.25" Pinback Button $1.25 Button
    2.25" Non-pinback Button $2.75 Button
    1.25" Pinback Button $1.00 Button
    1.25" Non-pinback Button $1.75 Button
    3D Printing $2.00 Hour
    Vinyl Cutting $3.00 Foot
    Used Books
    Hardcover $2.00 Item
    Trade Paperback $1.50 Item
    Paperback $1.00 Item
    Magazine $0.25 Item
    DVD / CD / Video Game $2.00 Item
    Audiobook $1.50 Item
    Other Items For Sale
    Friends of the Library - Chocolates $3.00 Item
    Friends of the Library - Cook Book $10.00 Item
    Headphones $3.00 Item
    Tea $1.00 Item
    Coffee $1.00 Item
    Laminating - 8.5" x 11" $2.00 Item
    Laminating - Index Card $1.00 Item
    Envelope -8.5" x 11" $0.50 Item
    File Folder - 8.5" x 11" $0.50 Item
    Page Protector - 8.5" x 11" $0.50 Item
    Printing Black and White - 0 to 10 Pages $0.25 Page Black and White - 11+ Pages $0.20 Page Colour - Letter $1.00 Page Colour - Legal $1.15 Page Colour - Ledger $1.2 Page
    Fax Sending Domestic - First Page $5.00 Page Domestic - Additional Page $1.00 Page
    Overseas - First Page $7.00 Page
    Overseas - Additional Page $1.00 Page
    Fax Receiving First Page $1.00 Page Additional Page $0.25 Page
    Shaw Community Hub Rental Rental $25.00 Hour After Hours $30.00 Hour Late Cancellation (within 24 hours) 50% Event
    Technical Services Teleconferencing Administration $40.00 Event Videoconferencing Administration $85.00 Event Proctoring $30.00 Event
    Other Rentals
    Santa Suit $26.00 Day
    Children's Birthday Book $25.00 Item
    Adult/YA Birthday Book $30.00 Item
    Large Print Birthday Book $40.00 Item