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    The FFPLTC, as a public space, is able to provide a multi-purpose, accessible room to groups, organizations and individuals.

    This policy will provide guidelines for rental and booking procedures outside regular FFPLTC-related programs and meetings.

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    1. Priority for bookings will be for FFPLTC programs, services and meetings first, followed by co-sponsored programs and services, and boards and committees of the Town of Fort Frances.
    2. A rental request will not be considered valid until paid in full prior to the event, and approved by FFPLTC Staff.
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    Rental Fees

    1. Rental fees are outlined in Fees and Fines, and are reviewed annually.
    2. Rental fees are waived for FFPL Board, the Friends of the FFPLTC, the Corporation of the Town of Fort Frances, and organizations who are providing services to the FFPL Board.
    3. Rental fees are charged per hour.
    4. Fees will include use of tables and chairs, a coffee maker, and computer and sound equipment, including two Televisions and Blu-ray Player.
    5. Fees do not include additional equipment, office supplies, conferencing fees, cups, tea or coffee.
    6. Additional fees may be invoiced to the renter for cleaning or repairs above and beyond normal wear and tear, or the loss of or damage to furniture or equipment.
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    1. Rentals will be accepted for regular FFPLTC hours.

      Any variation in this guideline must have prior approval from the CEO.

    2. The CEO reserves the right to refuse any requests, and to impose a fee for cancellations received less than 24 hours before a scheduled event.
    3. Renters can be audited by FFPLTC Staff to ensure proper usage of the facility, and compliance with Municipal by-laws, or to investigate contravention of the Criminal Code, the Human Rights Code, and fire regulations.

      FFPLTC Staff may attend all events free of charge for these purposes.

      Any concerns will be brought to the attention of the CEO for review.

      Inappropriate use of FFPLTC facilities can result in suspension of privileges, a fine imposed by the FFPLTC, or a charge under the Criminal Code.

    4. Maximum capacity shall be posted for the Shaw Community Hub.

      Any event found to exceed this number will be addressed by FFPLTC Staff and renters may be asked to vacate the premises.

    5. Nothing should be affixed to the walls that will mark or damage paint.
    6. The Shaw Community Hub is not available for children’s parties.
    7. All users will agree to hold the FFPLTC harmless for any loss, damage, liability, costs, and / or expenses that may arise during, or to be caused in any way by such use of the Shaw Community Hub.
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    1. FFPLTC Staff will:

      1. Set the room up as per the Rental Request Form
      2. Ensure the room is tidy prior to use
      3. Provide technical assistance in the use of the room’s technology
    2. Patrons will:

      1. Ensure the room is clean prior to leaving
      2. Vacate the room promptly at the end of their booking
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  • Fees and Fines

    Prices are subject to change without notice

    Membership - 12 Months$93.00Family - 6 Months$54.00Family - 1 Month$17.00Family - 12 Months$64.00Individual - 12 Months$54.00Senior (55+)
    Late Material$0.25Day$1.00Day Game$3.50Day
    Interlibrary Loan$1.00Day
    Damaged Material
    Library Card$2.00Item
    DVD Case$5.00Item
    MakerSpace Material
    2.25" Pinback Button$2.00Button
    2.25" Magnet$3.00Button
    1.25" Pinback Button$1.50Button
    1.25" Magnet$2.00Button
    3D Printing$3.50Hour
    3D Quick Prints$2.00Item
    Vinyl Cutting$3.00Foot
    Used Books
    Trade Paperback$2.00Item
    DVD / CD / Video Game$3.00Item
    Other Items For Sale
    Friends of the Library - Chocolates$3.00Item
    Laminating - 8.5" x 11"$2.50Item
    Laminating - Index Card$2.00Item
    Envelope -8.5" x 11"$2.00Item
    Envelope - 3.875" x 8.875"$0.75Item
    File Folder - 8.5" x 11"$2.00Item
    Page Protector - 8.5" x 11"$2.00Item
    Town of Fort Frances Garbage Bag tags$2.25Tag
    Printing and White$0.25Page Sided Black and White$0.40Page - Letter$1.00Page - Legal$1.25Page - Ledger$1.50Page
    Fax Sending - First Page$5.00Page - Additional Page$1.00Page
    Overseas - First Page$8.00Page
    Overseas - Additional Page$1.00Page
    Fax Receiving Page$1.00Page Page$0.25Page
    Shaw Community Hub Rental$40.00 + HSTHour
    $100.00+HSTHalf-Day (up to 4 hours)
    $140.00+HSTFull-Day (5+ hours) Hours$40.00Hour Cancellation (within 24 hours)50%Event$45.00Event
    Other Rentals
    Santa Suit$30.00Day
    Children's Birthday Book$25.00Item
    Adult/YA Birthday Book$30.00Item
    Large Print Birthday Book$40.00Item