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    The FFPLTC welcomes and encourages the business community, service clubs and other organizations to become sponsors of FFPLTC events, programs and services, which will benefit the community by allowing the FFPLTC to increase the level of service it provides.

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    The FFPLTC will actively solicit and will encourage the business community, service and other organizations to become sponsors.

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    The FFPLTC reserves the right to refuse any sponsorship opportunity which is deemed to be inappropriate or unsuitable to the advancement of the mission and objective of the FFPLTC.

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    Public Service

    Sponsorships must not compromise the public service objectives and practices of the FFPLTC or of the sponsored event, service, programs or activity.

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    The sponsor must have no expectation of having any impact on the policies and practices of the FFPLTC (e.g. materials selection, purchasing or web content) nor influence or alter the basic goals and objectives of FFPLTC programs, including the principle of intellectual freedom and equity of access to FFPLTC programs, services, and collections.

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    Sponsorships do not imply endorsement of products by the FFPLTC.

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