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    A volunteer is a designated person who performs tasks for the FFPLTC without wages, benefits, or expectation of monetary compensation.

    The purpose of a volunteer is to enhance and extend FFPLTC services, not to replace paid FFPLTC Staff.

    Volunteers shall perform duties, which enhance the services offered to our community, including but not limited to the delivery of services to home-bound patrons and assisting at programs.

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    1. Each volunteer shall be made aware of the FFPLTC's policies, procedures, and expectations.
    2. Volunteers are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of all proprietary or privileged information which they may be exposed to while serving as a volunteer.
    3. Volunteers act professionally and adhere to the FFPLTC’s Code of Conduct.
    4. Volunteers shall dress appropriately for the conditions and performance of their duties.
    5. The FFPLTC is committed to offering accessible customer service and all volunteers shall take AODA Customer Service training.
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    The CEO shall be responsible for selecting, interviewing, assigning, and terminating volunteers.

    Volunteers over the age of 18 shall be asked for a criminal and vulnerable sector check. The FFPLTC will provide a letter detailing their volunteer status, which the volunteer must upload to the OPP website when applying online for the check. Criminal and vulnerable sector checks are available for free for volunteers.

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    Volunteer participation is a valued component of the operation of the FFPLTC.

    Every effort will be made to match volunteer ability to the opportunity available. However, the FFPLTC's overall mandate must always take precedence, and opportunity for volunteer involvement may be restricted.

    Efforts will be made to retain volunteers long term.

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    Volunteers must be covered by their own vehicle insurance where their voluntary activity involves the use of a vehicle and are liable for their own parking tickets and fines related to driving offenses.

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    In the event of an opening for a paid position on the FFPLTC Staff, volunteers who apply for the position shall be evaluated on the same basis as all other applicants.

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