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    The FFPLTC provides patrons with Maker Space and Technology for discovery, exploration and the creation of innovative and appropriate materials.

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    1. All users of this Space and Technology will complete a training course conducted by FFPLTC Staff in the safe and responsible use of the space and equipment.
    2. A certificate will be awarded upon the successful completion of the training.
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    Maker Space Use

    1. Users under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at the discretion of FFPLTC Staff.
    2. Users will be required to read and sign the Maker Space Agreement which includes a liability waiver.
    3. Users will assume full risk and responsibility of the use of the equipment, including loss or damage.
    4. The FFPLTC promotes a respectful and safe learning environment.
    5. FFPLTC Staff reserve the right to restrict or refuse access to the Maker Space
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    Equipment Use

    1. Users are required to treat the equipment with respect and to take care to ensure that all patrons enjoy equitable access to the Maker Space.
    2. No alterations or recalibrations to the equipment will be permitted.
    3. Users will book appointments on a first-come-first-use basis and FFPLTC Staff reserve the right to limit the length of an appointment.
    4. FFPLTC Staff will assist users as time permits.
    5. The creation of unsuitable items will not be permitted.

      Please refer to the Maker Space Agreement for specifics on what cannot be created.

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    1. Any charges incurred will be based on the current cost schedule in the Maker Space Agreement.
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