Terms and Conditions of Employment

Terms and Conditions of Employment

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    The FFPL Board’s terms and conditions of employment are in compliance with the Employment Standards Act.

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    Hours of Work

    1. The FFPLTC’s hours of operation are set by the FFPL Board in response to community needs and include morning, afternoon, and evening hours, throughout the week, including weekends.

      As such, FFPLTC employees’ hours of work are scheduled to support the delivery of FFPLTC service to the public.

    2. All breaks, including rest and lunch breaks, are scheduled by the CEO or his or her Designate.
    3. FFPLTC Staff are entitled to a 15 minute break, free from work, for every three hours worked.
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    1. In lieu of overtime, FFPLTC Staff receive time off equivalent to equal hours worked at a time agreed to by the CEO.
    2. The CEO, as a manager, is eligible for lieu time upon approval from the Chair of the Library Board.
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    1. FFPLC Staff are responsible for communicating before the start of their shift any absences or anticipated lateness to the CEO or Designate.
    2. Repeated attendance problems are cause for formal discipline.
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    1. The FFPLTC strives to present an approachable and professional image to users and visitors.
    2. Name tags are to be worn while working.
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    Inclement Weather and Unscheduled Closing

    1. Occasionally the FFPLTC will be closed due to inclement weather or maintenance issues. If the decision is made to close the FFPLTC, FFPLTC Staff scheduled to work that shift will be paid. FFPLTC Staff will not be paid should they be unable to reach the FFPLTC due to inclement weather when the FFPLTC is open.
    2. When weather deteriorates or a maintenance issues occurs during the workday that requires the FFPLTC to close, FFPLTC Staff sent home will be paid for the remainder of their shift.
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    Professional Development

    Professional development is a shared responsibility of the FFPLTC and the FFPLTC Staff. Professional development allows FFPLTC Staff to enhance their skills and meet the evolving needs of the FFPLTC.

    As per Town of Fort Frances Training and Development policy:

    1. FFPLTC Staff are required to participate in professional development activities.
    2. The FFPLTC pays FFPLTC Staff to attend approved events including seminars, workshops, and conferences. The FFPLTC reimburses FFPLTC Staff as per the Travel policy.
    3. Fees for courses or tuition may be reimbursed as outlined in Town of Fort Frances Training and Development policy.
    4. FFPLTC Staff must obtain prior approval from the CEO for participation in, and reimbursement for, all professional development activities.
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    Situations may occur where an employee believes that the fair and consistent application of a policy affecting him or her has not been followed. A complaint is defined as a claim that the FFPLTC has violated a published policy in the manner in which an employee was treated.

    The FFPLTC has a specific policy to address complaints related to harassment in the workplace. See Discrimination and Harassment.

    Every effort shall be made to address the complaint fairly and promptly in the following manner:

    1. Informal Step

      In many cases, disputes over the application or interpretation of policy can be resolved through a discussion between the employee and the CEO. The employee should promptly bring the matter to the attention of the CEO, explaining the nature of the problem and the relief sought.

      A verbal response will be given in five business days. A written record of the response will be prepared.

    2. Formal Step

      If the matter is not resolved by the Informal Step, the employee may proceed by submitting a written statement to the CEO within 5 days of receiving the verbal response for the Informal Step.

      This statement should outline the relevant facts that form the basis of the complaint, indicating the policy that has allegedly been violated and stating the resolution sought.

      Upon the receipt of the written complaint, the CEO will investigate and provide the employee with a written decision within 10 working days.

    3. Appeal

      If the employee is unsatisfied with the response from the CEO, the employee can submit a written request to the FFPL Board Chair for a hearing before an appeal committee of the FFPL Board.

      A three-member committee of the FFPL Board will hear the complaint and provide a written recommendation to the CEO based on stipulated facts and evidence presented at the hearing.

      The written recommendation will be reported to the CEO within 20 working days after the conclusion of the hearing.

      The FFPL Board’s decision will be final and will be provided to the employee in writing through the CEO.

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    Conflict of Interest

    1. Conflict of interest is defined as a conflict between a FFPLTC Staff member’s personal interest and his or her role with the FFPLTC as a publicly funded employee. It generally arises when an individual has the opportunity to influence decisions in ways that could lead to personal benefit or advantage.
    2. Conflict of interest may exist when a monetary gain has been or may be conferred on an individual and includes both actual and perceived conflicts.
    3. Conflict includes any social, professional, personal or organizational affiliation that is so substantial as to interfere or appear to interfere with a FFPLTC Staff member’s responsibility to the FFPLTC.
    4. A FFPLTC Staff member is required to disclose to the CEO, as soon as it arises, circumstances that may represent an actual, perceived or potential conflict of interest.
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    The FFPLTC requires any FFPLTC Staff member who wishes to resign or retire to give proper legal notice in writing.

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    1. The FFPLTC values a secure employment relationship with FFPLTC Staff. However, in circumstances where this relationship must be terminated, the FFPLTC provides fair and reasonable treatment in accordance with the Employment Standards Act.
    2. The FFPLTC considers the following grounds for termination:
      1. continual absence without appropriate notification
      2. failure to meet satisfactory standards of performance after warnings and suspensions as set out in Performance and Discipline
      3. an act of willful misconduct, disobedience or neglect of duty
    3. Terminations are to be treated in a confidential, professional manner by all concerned.
    4. Prompt notification to the FFPLTC Staff and the appropriate employees regarding immediate dismissal of a FFPLTC employee shall be the responsibility of the CEO after consultation with the FFPL Board.
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