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    Employees’ work performance and achievements contribute to the operational and overall success of the FFPLTC.

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    Performance Reviews

    While the term performance review suggests a focus on past performance reviews, it also focuses on on-going performance improvement and professional development. The policy and process ensure objective and fair decision-making regarding compensation, promotion, disciplinary action and termination. It also ensures that expectations and performance standards are met.

    1. The FFPLTC has an annual performance planning and review system that is designed to:
      1. allow for open and ongoing communication between the FFPLTC Staff member and CEO or supervisor
      2. align employee performance objectives to FFPLTC goals
      3. establish a clear understanding and agreement on job responsibilities and the competencies required to fulfill the job
      4. allow for regular feedback on performance
      5. determine what the FFPLTC Staff member needs to do, as well as the support needed, in order to succeed
    2. General Guidelines

      1. the performance review should be conducted in a formal and private setting
      2. the employee should be given advance notice of the review (including a copy of the Self Evaluation form) in order to prepare a performance self assessment
      3. the employee’s strengths should always be acknowledged and good performance reinforced
      4. weaknesses should be discussed and an action plan for development agreed upon
      5. if the employee has a conflict or concern with the review, this should be documented on the review
      6. both the employee and CEO comments should be recorded on the review form
      7. The FFPLTC will take into account the accommodation needs of staff members during performance reviews as well as when providing career development or advancement opportunities
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    Problem Resolution and Discipline

    The FFPLTC promotes fair and constructive treatment of unacceptable conduct or work performance. A progressive discipline process is intended to improve performance and behavior.

    1. In all cases, a FFPLTC Staff member is made aware of a performance or behavior problem promptly and will receive both verbal and written expectations to ensure that he or she knows the standard expected.
    2. The progressive disciplinary process is initiated for serious situations in which policies and procedures have been ignored or contravened, or a FFPLTC Staff member’s performance fails to meet acceptable standards.
      1. Verbal Warning

        The CEO discusses the situation with the FFPLTC Staff member, specifying clear expectations and standards of performances, a plan of action to bring about the desired change, and a reasonable period of time for improvements.

        A date is set for a follow-up interview.

      2. Written Warning

        Should the problem continue after the time period specified by the Verbal Warning, the FFPLTC Staff member will be given a Written Warning.

        The FFPLTC Staff member is advised that continued failure to improve the behavior could lead to further disciplinary action including possible dismissal.

      3. Suspension

        If the FFPLTC Staff member’s performance fails to improve, or if there is a recurrence of misconduct, the CEO determines the need for and the length of the suspension.

        After the suspension, an interview will be scheduled to discuss the conditions of return to work.

      4. Dismissal

        If the FFPLTC Staff member fails to improve, or if there is a recurrence of misconduct, the CEO prepares for termination.

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