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    The performance appraisal of the CEO shall be conducted on an annual basis. This process facilitates bilateral communication between the FFPL Board and the CEO, and ensures that the FFPL Board’s priorities are being achieved. It ensures continued development of the CEO to more effectively perform their role. It is tied to strategic planning, job description, annual work plans and FFPL Board objectives.

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    Evaluation Process

    The evaluation process evaluates strengths and accomplishments in four general areas:

    1. Meeting Operational Objectives
    2. Planning, Organization, and Problem Solving
    3. Professional Qualities and Competencies
    4. Management of Human Resources
    5. Interpersonal relations and Communications
    6. Library and Board Relations
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    Fundamental Principles

    There are three fundamental principles:

    1. Collaboration
    2. Confidentiality
    3. Objectivity
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    Performance Review Committee

    1. The Performance Appraisal shall be undertaken by a Performance Review Committee composed of the Chair, the Vice-Chair and the Town of Fort Frances Human Resources Manager.
    2. The Performance Review Committee will seek input from the full FFPL Board through the use of the Performance Appraisal - CEO form. The CEO will also fill out the Performance Appraisal - CEO form.
    3. A summary of the performance appraisal will be presented to the full FFPL Board.
    4. Copies of the performance review will be kept on file by the FFPL Board for 5 years.
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    1. By May 1st, the CEO will provide the following documents to all FFPL Board members:
      1. CEO Job Description
      2. CEO’s annual goals with objectives
      3. Applicable reports
      4. Evaluation package
    2. By May 10th, the CEO and each member of the FFPL Board will complete the Performance Appraisal - CEO form and give it to the Performance Review Committee.
    3. The Performance Review Committee will review all data collected and prepare a document for presentation to the CEO.
    4. By May 20th, the Performance Review Committee will meet with the CEO and discuss the results of the performance appraisal, determine the goals and action plan for the next period and identify any education or training that is needed.
    5. The Performance Review Committee will write and present a summary report to the full FFPL Board at the May meeting of the FFPL Board.
    6. At the June FFPL Board meeting, the FFPL Board will self-evaluate the procedure and recommend any changes necessary.
    7. The Chair will write a letter to the Human Resources Manager informing him or her of the FFPL Board's decisions.
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