Powers and Duties of the Board

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    The FFPL Board bears legal responsibility for the FFPLTC. The powers and duties of the FFPL Board are prescribed in the Public Libraries Act, to which this by-law adheres.

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    In accordance with the Public Libraries Act s. 20, the FFPL Board:

    1. shall seek to provide, in co-operation with other boards, a comprehensive and efficient public library service that reflects the community’s unique needs
    2. shall provide library services in the French language, where appropriate
    3. shall operate the FFPLTC in accordance with the Public Libraries Act and these regulations
    4. may operate special services in connection with a library as it considers necessary
    5. shall fix the times and places for FFPL Board meetings and the mode of calling and conducting them, and ensure that full and correct minutes are kept
    6. shall make an annual report to the Minister and make any other reports required by the Public Libraries Act and these regulations or requested by the Minister from time to time
    7. shall make provision for insuring the FFPL Board’s real and personal property
    8. shall take proper security for the Treasurer
    9. may appoint such committees as it considers expedient
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