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    The purpose of the FFPL Board is to govern the affairs of the FFPLTC in service to the community. This policy sets out the work of the FFPL Board and the ways in which the FFPL Board achieves its purpose.

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    The FFPL Board oversees the development of a comprehensive and efficient public library service by:

    1. expressing the FFPLTC’s philosophy and values
    2. articulating the FFPLTC’s vision, mission and priorities
    3. evaluating results of activities and services used to achieve goals
    4. setting policies on governance and service
    5. delegating authority to the CEO and evaluating their performance
    6. planning for further FFPLTC development
    7. securing the resources to achieve the intended results
    8. advocating for FFPLTC service
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    The FFPL Board governs effectively by:

    1. representing the interests of the community
    2. engaging the community in determining responsive and dynamic library service
    3. acting as a bridge between the FFPLTC and Municipal Council
    4. working collaboratively with the CEO and Municipal Council
    5. setting an annual FFPL Board agenda that reflects current goals and strategic issues
    6. working proactively and making decisions that focus on the FFPLTC’s future and place in the community
    7. evaluating the FFPL Board’s performance
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