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    This policy outlines the usage of Mobile Devices available for in-library checkout and regular checkout by FFPLTC members.

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    Types of Mobile Devices

    Mobile Devices available for use by FFPLTC members include:

    1. Laptops
    2. eReaders
    3. Tablets
    4. Magnifiers
    5. Daisy Readers
    6. Cables and accessories
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    1. Mobile Devices may be used to instruct users only under the direct supervision of FFPLTC Staff.
    2. Users seeking instruction assume full responsibility for the cost of repair or replacement in the event that the device they are handling is directly damaged by their handling.
    3. Mobile Devices that are not checked out must not be left unattended by FFPLTC Staff.
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    Borrowing Mobile Devices

    1. Borrowers will make requests to checkout Mobile Devices at the Circulation Desk
    2. Only Mobile Devices designated for regular checkout may leave the FFPLTC.

      Mobile Devices designated for in-library checkout may not leave the FFPLTC.

    3. Mobile Devices will be discharged only after all checked out components are returned and that equipment is judged to be in good condition.
    4. Borrowers assume full responsibility for the cost of repair or replacement in the event that the device they borrow is lost, stolen, or damaged while on loan.
    5. Borrowers must be:

      1. At least 16 years of age
      2. FFPLTC members in good standing
      3. Without outstanding long-overdue materials
      4. Without fines exceeding $15
    6. When a borrower checks out a Mobile Device for the first time, they will be required to read and sign Equipment Rental Agreement.

      The form will be kept on file for future reference as required.

    7. Under no circumstances should a checked out Mobile Device be left unattended in the FFPLTC. This is the sole responsibility of the patron who has checked out the Mobile Device.
    8. The Computer and Internet Use policy applies to Mobile Devices used in the FFPLTC and Mobile Devices that are checked out for use outside of the FFPLTC.
    9. Children or Youth under the age of 16 may have access to Mobile Devices for in-library use only.
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