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    Programming provides information, invites public discussion, encourages curiosity and creativity and promotes literacy, reading and technological advancement.

    Programming promotes the FFPLTC’s services and resources.

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    Programs are defined as any group activity offered to the public that FFPLTC Staff coordinate, plan, promote or present.

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    FFPLTC sponsorship of a program does not constitute an endorsement of the content of the program, or the views expressed by presenters or participants.

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    The event organizer will take responsibility for planning, organizing and executing a given event, in consultation with the CEO. The event organizer will follow the FFPLTC Marketing Checklist to ensure proper promotion of the event.

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    The FFPLTC will:

    1. Make available a wide spectrum of opinions and viewpoints
    2. Select programs based on the interest and need of the community
    3. When selecting programs thoroughly consider the proposed program, and only make decisions regarding the program after appropriate research and consideration. For instance, in the event of a book launch, that the book be screened by the CEO or designate.
    4. Limit program attendance based on safe use of space, or when the success of a program requires it
    5. Make programs open to all, based on a first come, first served basis, either with advanced registration or registration at the door
    6. Regularly evaluate the planning and delivery of FFPLTC programs
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    The FFPLTC may:

    1. Participate in cooperative programs with other agencies, organizations, institutions or individuals
    2. Sponsor programs in the FFPLTC facility or outside of the FFPLTC
    3. Charge a fee to offset expenses
    4. Allow presenters to display products or books for purchase
    5. Make available a process for user feedback and expressions of opinions or concerns about programs
    6. Keep summaries of programs for future planning
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