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    To provide the FFPLTC and its patrons with Equipment (shredder) for the purpose of shredding paper material.

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    Users must be a minimum of 16 years of age.

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    Conditions of Service

    1. Users must obtain permission from the FFPLTC Staff. Users will read and follow usage instructions provided in a location near the shredder.
    2. Users will assume full risk and liability for the use of the equipment.
    3. The FFPLTC is not liable for the confidentiality of the shredded material.
    4. Users must report any problems related to the shredder to the FFPLTC staff.
    5. The FFPLTC staff shall be responsible for the cleaning and maintenance of the shredder.
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    1. Patrons may only use the shredder for personal use.
    2. Patrons may shred up to 10 paper documents per visit.
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