Mandatory Vaccination Policy - Coronavirus (COVID-19)

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    This policy applies to all Library employees, contractors, board members, and volunteers (“staff”) engaging in functions within the Library, or in activities on behalf of the Library from the date of this policy forward.

    All new staff members will be subject to this policy as a condition of their employment, student placement or volunteer work.
    The scope of this policy may be amended from time to time to meet legislative requirements and public health advice.

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    The purpose of the COVID-19 Vaccination Policy is to provide guidelines pertaining to the expectations with regards to COVID-19 immunization disclosure of individuals subject to this policy. The Library is committed to providing a safe working environment for its staff, and patrons. All individuals subject to this policy are encouraged to receive a COVID-19 vaccine unless there is an Ontario Human Rights Code protected reason, to not receive a vaccine.

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    The Library recognizes the importance of immunization as a key element to help keep the Library safe. This COVID-19 Vaccine Policy aims to protect staff and patrons.

    COVID-19 remains a serious health risk in our community. The ongoing spread of variants of concern means we must make every reasonable effort to protect our workplace against the virus. We must consider all infection control measures at our disposal to protect our workplace and our community.

    The vaccines currently approved in Canada have been shown to be safe and effective against symptomatic COVID-19. A copy of the Ministry of Health’s Information Sheet regarding these vaccines is attached as Appendix 1 to this Policy. Updated versions of the Information Sheet, as well as further information on vaccines, may be accessed online through the Ontario Ministry of Health website as well as the Health Unit website.

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    1. Fully Vaccinated: is currently defined as having received the full series of a COVID-19 vaccine (or a combination of COVID-19 vaccines) that is approved by the Health Canada; and having received the final dose of that COVID-19 vaccine series at least 14 days prior to the effective date of this policy or start of employment.
    2. Unvaccinated: refers to any staff who are not fully vaccinated or have not provided proof of Vaccination to the CEO.
    3. Proof of Vaccination: Documentation issued by the Ontario Ministry of Health, other province or territory or international equivalent indicating individual immunization status against the COVID-19 virus.
    4. Proof of Medical Exemption: Written proof of a medical reason, provided by a physician that sets out:
      • a documented medical reason for not being fully vaccinated against COVID-19, and
      • the effective time-period for the medical reason (i.e., permanent, or time-limited)
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    1. All staff are required to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19. All must provide one of the following to the CEO:
    2. Proof of vaccination as per the following requirements:
    3. Proof of all required doses of a COVID-19 vaccine approved by Health Canada; or
    4. If the employee has only received the first dose of a two-dose COVID-19 vaccination series approved by Health Canada, proof that the first dose was administered and, as soon as reasonably possible, proof of administration of the second dose.
    5. Unvaccinated

      All staff, who do not intend to be vaccinated, will be required to participate in an approved educational session about the benefits of COVID-19 vaccination. Proof of completion of the educational session will be required. The training will be completed outside of the regular workday and staff will not be compensated for this time. Proof of completion shall be presented to the CEO within 30 days of the passing of this policy for existing staff, and within 30 days of work starting for new staff.

    6. Staff who remain unvaccinated will be required to undertake regular antigen testing. Unvaccinated employees will be required to undergo testing through a Rapid Antigen Testing location twice weekly. Testing shall be undertaken on Mondays and Fridays or the closest possible days. Staff shall provide dated proof of test result upon return to work if their time away overlaps their regular test day. Library employees will be provided with leave to take their test on their test day, time for the test will not be regular time paid by the Library. Library employees may use their banked time if available unless the employee has provided the FFPLTC with a valid medical exemption, in which case the employee will be paid if testing takes place during regular work hours. The dated results of these tests shall be provided to the CEO upon returning to work from testing. Any costs for the administration of the rapid antigen testing shall be borne by staff.
    7. Employees must receive the first dose of a two-dose vaccination series by January 15, 2022. The second dose of a two-dose series must be completed by February 15, 2022. For a single dose vaccine series (e.g., Johnson & Johnson) employees must receive the dose by January 15, 2022.
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    Use of Information & Confidentiality

    Information relating to an individual’s proof of vaccination, or the reason(s) for not receiving a COVID-19 vaccination will remain strictly confidential and on file with the CEO’s office for the purposes of administering this policy and ensuring the safety of the staff and patrons.

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    Unvaccinated Employees

    No employee should experience harassment or discriminatory treatment based on any ground protected by the Ontario Human Rights Code as a result of being unable to receive a vaccination.

    1. The Library will work with employees who have a valid exemption from vaccination to develop an appropriate accommodation plan with alternative health and safety measures, on a case-by-case basis.
    2. Employees with a valid exemption from receiving a vaccination, and who are required to attend Library premises in the course of their duties, will be required to undertake regular (at least twice per week for full time employees) antigen testing or equivalent. Testing will be conducted on a schedule determined by the CEO, based on the shift patterns of the employee, on work time and at the expense of the Library.
    3. Employees who elect to not receive a vaccination and who do not have a valid exemption from vaccination for any ground protected by the Ontario Human Rights Code, will be required to undertake regular (at least twice per week for full time employees) antigen testing or equivalent, on their own time and at their own expense.
    4. The results of tests undertaken in accordance with the preceding two paragraphs will be provided to the CEO in either a paper format or by permitting the CEO to view an electronic record of results. Any paper copy will be returned to the employee or destroyed by shredding once the test result has been verified and documented.
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    Access to Vaccination Clinics

    1. Employees are encouraged to access a vaccination clinic provided by a pharmacy or by the Northwestern District Health Unit outside of their working hours. However, if necessary, reasonable arrangements will be made to allow employees to attend a vaccination clinic during work time with prior approval from the employee’s supervisor. Time is to be coded as sick for those who have paid sick time credits available to them, or as unpaid time for those who do not.
    2. Employees who experience vaccination side effects may still attend work by following the provincial workplace screening directions (COVID-19 Daily Self-Screening).
    3. Employees who experience adverse health reactions from the vaccine (e.g., headache, muscle aches, or mild fever) and are not able to attend work will be paid through their sick time for eligible employees. Employees without sick time credits available to them should consult the CEO.
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    Additional Responsibilities of Employees

    All employees, regardless of their vaccination status, must comply with all safety protocols prescribed by FFPLTC policy and the COVID-19 Safety Plan, including but not limited to daily self-screening, hand washing, maintaining physical distancing, and wearing masks or face coverings in indoor settings as prescribed by Public Health Ontario or the Northwestern District Health Unit.

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    All employees will have this policy shared with them on, or as close as possible to, the date of the policy coming into force. New employees will have the policy shared with them on their first day of employment. Employees will be required to acknowledge that they have read and understood the policy.

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    Non-compliance with the COVID-19 Vaccination Policy

    Employees who do not comply with this vaccination policy may be subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment with cause in accordance with all applicable legislation and Library policies.
    Employees who falsely represent their status of vaccination or test results to avoid workplace safety measures will be held accountable and subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment with cause.

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    • Review provided information to remain informed about COVID-19 and COVID- 19 vaccination as it relates to their role, personal health and/or professional requirements

    • Continue to follow health and safety protocols to ensure personal safety and prevent the spread of COVID-19

    • Adhere to any Federal or Provincial legislation, directives, or mandates requiring vaccination


    • Provide employees with direction for access to information on COVID-19 and the associated health and safety precautions

    • Follow and comply with any Federal or Provincial legislation, directives, or mandate regarding the vaccination of employees

    • Continue to enforce workplace precautions that limit the spread of COVID-19 virus

    • Collect, document, and dispose of vaccination and testing records in a manner that ensures medical confidentiality is maintained

    • Provide information and guidance to employees on COVID-19 vaccination, such as providing accommodation support
    for employees as required

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